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Hosted service architecture

Users with a Red Hat account or a no-cost Red Hat Developer Subscription can use our hosted service without installing anything on their local machines. See our on premises documentation to run image builder yourself.

This service is open source, so all of its code is inspectable and can be contributed to.

306_0123AmazonEC2api.openshift.comimage-builder-composerAmazonRDSAmazonRDSimage-builder-db(Insights account)composer-db(AppSRE account)console.redhat.comimage-builder-frontendworker fleetimage-builder-backend

Click each component in this diagram to get to the hash of the source code currently running in production.

The metadata defining the service for App-Interface is kept upstream and open as templates for both the osbuild-composer and image-builder components. The tooling to operate the service is to large parts open source and publicly accessible, e.g. qontract in the form of qontract-server, qontract-reconcile. The architecture documents in this section comply with the AppSRE contract.

How to contribute

Our developer guide is a great starting point to learn about our workflow, code style and more!

If you want to contribute to our frontend or backend, here are guides on how to get the respective stack set up for development:

How to reach out to us

How open is this service?

🟢 Open assets

  • 🟢 The source code is open.
  • 🟢 Unit tests are open.
  • 🟢 Performance tests are open.
  • 🟢 Functional tests are open.
  • 🟢 The dependencies are open source.
  • 🟢 Deployment metadata is open. [1] [2]

🟢 Contribution workflow

  • 🟢 External contributors can follow the same workflow as team members.
  • 🟢 The workflow is publicly documented.
  • 🟢 Regular contributors can trigger CI.
  • 🟢 External contributions are eagerly reviewed.

🟠 Issue tracking and planning

  • 🟢 The issue tracker is public. [1] [2]
  • 🟠 The roadmap is public. [1]

🟢 Documentation

🟠 Communication

🟠 Open Site Reliability Engineering