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Basic concepts

osbuild-composer works with a concept of blueprints. A blueprint is a description of the final image and its customizations. A customization can be:

  • an additional RPM package
  • enabled service
  • custom kernel command line parameter, and many others. See Blueprint reference for more details.

An image is defined by its blueprint and image type, which is for example qcow2 (QEMU Copy On Write disk image) or AMI (Amazon Machine Image).

Finally, osbuild-composer also supports upload targets, which are cloud providers where an image can be stored after it is built. See the Uploading cloud images section for more details.

Example blueprint

name = "base-image-with-tmux"
description = "A base system with tmux"
version = "0.0.1"

name = "tmux"
version = "*"

The blueprint is in TOML format.

Image types

osbuild-composer supports various types of output images. To see all supported types, run this command:

$ composer-cli compose types